About IYF

7th Interactive Youth Forum
Theme: “Pilipinas sa susunod na anim na taon – #futurekoto”


  1. Background and Rationale


The Interactive Youth Forum of the Philippine Association for Administrators of Student Affairs is a venue for

interaction, dialogue and engagement for selected youth leaders who, in turn, can serve as catalysts for the positive

involvement of their fellow youth in their respective schools.


A key mission of Student Affairs is the formation of youth leaders who will someday, or even as students, contribute

to society.  The societal context of youth formation is better highlighted when youth from different schools and

localities, representing varied contexts and experiences, are given a venue for interaction and exchange of

experiences and ideas.

  1. Objectives


General Objectives:

The Interactive Youth Forum/Student Leaders’ Conference seeks to:

  1. Introduce student leaders to themes and concerns related to leadership that are relevant and important
    in relation to the needs of the country;
  2. Deepen the student leaders’ understanding of these relevant and important themes and concerns,
    especially the basic idea of what and who the practice of leadership is for;
  3. Facilitate the development in the individual student leaders of a desire to use their competencies and
    talents in the service of the country;
  4. Foster a sense of camaraderie and community among the youth leaders.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Examine the culture and values underlying the practice of leadership in the Philippine setting;
  2. Deepen the understanding of the different stakeholders in the practice of leadership;
  3. Examine the factors that contribute to the development of and the continuation of servant leadership;
  4. Explore positive alternatives for the youth – innovation, nation-building and earth-advocacy;
  5. Develop preliminary plans for action that may be implemented by the participants even as students.